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These animatronic pokemon where created for the 2011 WPI CDP. The electronics and mechanics where built by us and the skin was made by by Sam and Rae crafts[1]


The Motors are all hobby servos. They where controlled by a DyIO + Bluetooth to Serial converter.

File:DyIO pokemon ctl.jpg


The full software can be found here[2]. What is shown below is the code for one of the pokemon.

class Bulbasaur implements Runnable {
	// Constants
	private static final int BulbasaurHeadMax = 0;
	private static final int BulbasaurHeadMid = 37;
	private static final int BulbasaurHeadMin = 140;

	private DyIO myDyIO;
	private ServoChannel BulbasaurHead;
	private Random generator;
	public Bulbasaur(DyIO dyio){
		myDyIO = dyio;
		generator = new Random();
		BulbasaurHead = new ServoChannel (dyio.getChannel(23));
	public void run() {
		try {
			int action = generator.nextInt(4);
			BulbasaurHead.SetPosition(BulbasaurHeadMin, action);
			BulbasaurHead.SetPosition(BulbasaurHeadMax, action);

		} catch (InterruptedException e) {
			// TODO Auto-generated catch block
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