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The Neuron Robotics Hexapod is a low cost, mini hexapod. It was build to demonstrate the DyIO's co-operative motion planning system. The library that controls the hexapod uses a configuration file to determine the physical layout of the hexapod as well as electrical connections. This allows for a library of kinematics functions to work on ANY haxapod that you use the DyIO to control. Built into NRConsole is a configuration file editor and generator.


Assembly instructions available here NR_Hexapod_Kit_Assembly


The Hardware

The complete hexapod kit is available for sale here.

For help assembling you very own Hexapod, read our guide here.

The Software

Using the BasicWalker class and a configuration file you can control the hexapod from java. The gait is generated on the fly using kinematics and the physical parameters of the hexapod.

Controlling from java

package com.neuronrobotics.test.nrdk;


import com.neuronrobotics.sdk.addons.walker.BasicWalker;
import com.neuronrobotics.sdk.dyio.DyIO;
import com.neuronrobotics.sdk.ui.ConnectionDialog;
import com.neuronrobotics.sdk.util.ThreadUtil;

public class HexapodSimple {
	public HexapodSimple() {
		DyIO dyio=new DyIO();
		if (!ConnectionDialog.getBowlerDevice(dyio)){
		 * "myConfig.xml" can be generated using NRConsole->DyIO->Show Hexapod Configuration
		BasicWalker walk =new BasicWalker(new File("myConfig.xml"),dyio);
		walk.incrementAllY(.1, .5);//Move robot in cartesian space Y .1 of an inch and take .5 of a second to do so. 
		walk.turnBody(5, .5);//Rotate robot about its center 5 degrees and take .5 of a second to do so. 
	 * @param args
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		new HexapodSimple();


Sample code for this project can be found here.

The Configuration XML file

TODO: XML file format here.

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